Celebrating 10 Years in Business

Established in 2013, Faunce Associates, LLC has been delivering comprehensive business development and management consulting services. As we celebrate a decade in business, we are proud to introduce a new website, ProposalTherapy.com, designed to offer both new and existing clients more flexible and scalable proposal services.

What We Do

In 2023, we are rebranding our business development, capture, and proposal services under our new line – Proposal Therapy℠. The mission remains the same – providing our clients with a scalable and flexible proposal process that fits their needs.

This refocusing of our work also allows us to offer support that demystifies proposal development and makes it more accessible to those companies that are just starting to build out their business development infrastructure.

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Strategic Proposal Support

Flat-fee Proposal Expertise at Your Fingertips

Does working on a proposal feel like herding cats? Proposal Therapy is your streamlined solution. We can help you navigating proposal complexities. With over 30 years of experience, we've honed our craft across a range of proposal types — from large IDIQs and GWACs to swift task orders. Our transparent, flat-fee services offer straightforward solutions tailored to your specific needs:

  • Strategic & Advisory Support
  • Technical Writing & Editing
  • Proposal Management
  • Creative Graphics & Design
  • Templates & Tool Development
  • Submission & Publishing Support
  • Training & Development

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Our Services

Experience matters – leverage over a decade of winning proposal experience, from large IDIQs and GWACs, to quick-turn task orders.

Strategic & Advisory Support

Ask an Expert

This is a flat-fee service where customers will have a maximum two hours to ask questions and discuss strategies for bids they are preparing for. Customers must meet OCI requirements to qualify for this service.

Our team has over 30 years of collective proposal experience, from large IDIQs and GWACs, to quick-turn task orders. Our proposal process is scalable and efficient, with only the steps needed to get the job done.

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Creative Support

Graphics & Design

First impressions matter. Make your proposal stand out and easily understood with custom graphics.

From memorable covers to clear charts and illustrations, we design everything specifically for your needs, ensuring your proposal stands out from others.

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Strategic Guidance

Launch Right Support

Launching a successful bid begins with understanding the requirements. Our package is designed to equip you with all the essentials, ensuring you don't falter due to lack of knowledge, non-compliance, or missing critical components to set you on a path with a compliant bid addressing all the critical components. We're here to lay a solid groundwork for your proposal efforts, making expert advice more accessible with our flat-fee service. Included in this package:

  • A detailed compliance matrix
  • A well-structured proposal schedule
  • Custom templates with expert recommendations

What's not part of the package:

  • Proposal coordination or management
  • Writing or editing services
  • Graphic design

Note: Enhance this package by combining it with our "Graphics & Design" or "Launch Right Editing" for comprehensive support.

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Compliance Support

Compliance Review

We offer a complete review of proposal content and make recommendations to ensure compliance is met. This is a quick turnaround flat-fee service that focuses solely on compliance making it both timely and affordable.

  • Review of proposal content
  • Make recommendations
  • Ensure compliance

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Writing & Editing Support

Launch Right Editing

Ensure your solicitation response is polished and impeccable. We can fine-tune both the content and format of your client-developed response, ensuring it's presented professionally and persuasively.

  • Text Refinement: From grammar checks and syntax adjustments to improving clarity and tone, we transform your writing into a compelling proposal.
  • Format Enhancement: We fine-tune layout, alignment, typography, and other design elements to ensure your response is not only legible but aesthetically pleasing.
  • Solicitation-Specific Tweaks: Understanding the nuances of solicitations, we ensure your response aligns perfectly with the asked specifications and industry norms.

Note: This service covers edits for documents up to 50 pages in length. We believe in purposeful quality over quantity. If your document exceeds this limit, we're happy to discuss and offer solutions. This service can be enhanced by combining it with our "Graphics & Design" or "Launch Right Support" for even more comprehensive support.

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Transparent, Tailored Pricing

Meeting your proposal needs with scalable and flexible solutions.

& Design


✓ Custom Visual Designs
✓ Comprehensive Visual Library
✓ Distinct Proposal Graphics

Submit a visually appealing proposal with custom graphics tailored to accentuate your content, ensuring you stand out in the crowd. 4 graphics included.

Ask an


✓ Two-Hour Expert Consultation
✓ 30-Year Proposal Expertise
✓ Direct OCI Requirement Advice

Gain direct insights and strategies from experts seasoned in the proposal landscape. Navigate the intricacies of bid strategies with insights and confidence.



✓ Content Review for Compliance
✓ Expert Recommendations
✓ Assurance of Optimal Compliance

Ensure your proposal ticks all the boxes. Our focused review process ensures content adherence to critical compliance metrics. Up to 50 pages.

Launch Right Support


✓ Detailed Compliance Matrix
✓ Custom Templates
✓ Efficient Proposal Schedule

Equip yourself with essentials for a successful bid. From understanding requirements to crafting an efficient proposal plan, we’ve got you covered.

Launch Right Editing


✓ Text Refinement
✓ Format Enhancement
✓ Solicitation-Specific Adjustments

Polish your solicitation responses to perfection. Our expert touch ensures your content is both compelling and compliant, striking the right chord. Up to 50 pages.

Knowledge Base

Coming Soon

Our goal is to empower people and help educate to make business easier to manage. Once a month, Faunce Associates’ Founder, Joy Faunce offers a Proposals/BD 101 online training class. It includes:

  • BD/Proposals 101
  • Proposal Writing

Subscribers to the knowledge base will also get 2 hours a month of strategic advisory services.


Who We Are

Established in 2013, Faunce Associates, LLC is a minority woman owned small business providing management consulting services to the Government Contracting (GovCon) community. We started with a simple goal in mind – to assist small businesses in establishing flexible and scalable business development, capture, and proposal support. Our team is comprised of experienced professionals focused on quality, developing solutions that help you achieve your goals. Since our founding, we have continued to grow and expand our services, talent, and the support we offer. With Commercial and Government divisions, Faunce Associates provides support to multiple organizations in the private and public sectors. One thing hasn’t changed, we still provide flexible and scalable consulting in support of your operational, research, and business development efforts.

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