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✓ Two-Hour Expert Consultation
✓ 30-Year Proposal Expertise
✓ Direct OCI Requirement Advice

Gain direct insights and strategies from experts seasoned in the proposal landscape. Navigate the intricacies of bid strategies with insights and confidence.

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2 hours to ask questions and discuss strategies for upcoming proposal efforts

This is a flat-fee service where customers will have a minimum two hours to ask questions and discuss strategies for bids they are preparing for. Customers must meet OCI requirements to qualify for this service.

Our SMEs can assist with the development of your proposal strategy or provide coaching to your team to help them become more comfortable with the proposal development process. Our team has over 30 years of collective proposal experience, from large IDIQs and GWACs, to quick-turn task orders. Our proposal process is scalable and efficient, with only the steps needed to get the job done.

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Wondering what questions and topics you could consider?

  • Evaluation Criteria Alignment: How do I ensure that my proposal's solution aligns optimally with the unstated preferences or priorities of the evaluators?
  • Win Themes and Discriminators: How can I craft compelling win themes and discriminators that resonate with this specific client and set me apart from the competition?
  • Risk Management: How can I best address and mitigate perceived risks in my proposal, especially when the RFP doesn't explicitly mention them?
  • Past Performance: How do I address past performance if our experience isn't an exact match for the RFP requirements, or if we had challenges on a past project?
  • Price-to-Win Strategy: How can I develop a competitive 'Price-to-Win' strategy, especially when my internal costs are higher than the presumed budget of the project?
  • Teaming and Partnerships: How do I choose the right partners for a joint bid and strategically highlight our combined strengths in the proposal?
  • Regulatory and Compliance: How do I ensure complete compliance for proposals with complex regulatory requirements, especially in sectors unfamiliar to my team?
  • Technical vs. Management Trade-offs: How do I strike the right balance between technical detail and management strategies in my proposal to cater to a mixed audience of evaluators?
  • Red Team Reviews: How can I effectively conduct a red team review to ensure the proposal is both compliant and compelling?
  • Orals and Presentation Strategies: How can I transform a written proposal into an effective oral presentation or demonstration, ensuring that the key messages are not lost?
  • Storytelling in Proposals: How can I incorporate effective storytelling in my proposal without detracting from the necessary technical and management details?
  • Navigating Ambiguous RFPs: The RFP has areas of ambiguity or conflicting requirements. How do I address this in my proposal without making assumptions that might lead to a non-compliant submission?
  • Graphics and Visuals: How can I best utilize graphics and visuals in my proposal to simplify complex concepts without oversimplifying the solution?
  • Handling Q&A Periods: How do I strategically frame questions during the RFP Q&A period to glean more information without revealing my proposal strategy to competitors?
  • Post-Submission Strategy: After submitting the proposal and before award, how can I best position my company during the "blackout" period?